Fits Ford Mustang 2001-2004 with 4.6 Liter engines only. The oil pressure warning system is quite an over complicated affair which uses low and high engine speeds (worked out from the alternator) and low and high oil pressure sensors on the engine! As the first front engined VW Transporter the Volkswagen T4 bus is a real favourite at VW Heritage. Does anyone know if this could be the problem? Noises from the rear is most likely the trailing arm bushes. bonjour Diesels: 1.9D, 1.9TD and the 2.4D along with range toping 2.5 five-cylinder TDi units which initially produced 88bhp (with with blue ‘i’ badge), rising to 102 from 1995 (here with the ‘i’ in silver) and a stonking 151bhp from 1998, but only on German vans with the ‘i’ appearing in red. Front outriggers of chassis extensions. Knocks or clunks will usually indicate worn bottom balljoints, drop links or anti-roll bar bushes. Registered in England & Wales: 3294341 | 47 Dolphin Road, Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 6PB. Your email address will not be published. Roof options – standard, high top, elevating. Kompletní přestavba dodávky VWT4 Syncro a průvodce vybavením interiéru i exteriéru před cestou na východ Evropy a do střední Asie doplněné o pěknou nálož fotek! It is primarily to ensure that the spring is not thick, so that it between the moving parts of the castle still has game. The lock button when unlocked door in the top holds the position. Rust is getting in Any ideas please number 4 has gone down on my caravelle petrol . Vehicles inspected, guaranteed and delivered in Paris or in front of you. New rear hand brake cables will cure this, the front hand brake cable can wear and fray/snap over time and again should be replaced as and when needed, The only other thing to note is that the brake vac pumps (2.5TDI) can wear and cause a possibly alarming tapping/knocking noise from the engine. Rust can also take hold around the rear cross member, just above where the rear springs locate. Unfortunately, this spring is not available as spare parts. As for parts Martin List-Petersen, long time VW LT 4×4 and previous T25 & T4 Syncro owner had this to say: “Parts are easier found for an LT 4×4 than an T3 Syncro. If you still need answers, email me and I can give you the number. Socially inappropriate motoring information, available in 1qt increments. I’ve heard him mention this conversion that you’ve got and he doesn’t rate them very highly because the two engines have different mountings, set-ups etc, they are different engines all together. Whilst the website is primarially devoted to this 4WD Volkswagen Kombi (or Bulli as our German friends would say), they also devote a few galleries and videos and other resources to the regular VW T3 Kombi in 2WD form as well. A really straight, original T4 is likely to appreciate in years to come. Once stopped and cooled I check oil level and it is still ok. Can you suggest what to check/change please? head. It’s also relatively easy to convert the 88bhp unit to 102 by fitting a top mounted intercooler and even 150bhp is within reach with tuning. Hey, I dont know if Im late with the reply but we have a t4 2.5i that has had lpg basically all its life and is basically never driven on petrol. $ 495.15 VW T5 Turbo Replacement (over boost fault code). Hi Angela, the 2.4 can suffer from head gasket issues, and as it is non-turbo can feel a bit sluggish, especially with a high top and a full camping interior. Markedly different from its forebears the T4 is front engined, front wheel drive and all of its engines are water-cooled. TDI timing belt replacement. One is a 1992 1.9 petrol engine with 100k converted by Holdsworth Villa. I would sugest getting faults read could have a temp sensor reading wrong or somthing, hi everybody i have a 2001 vw t4 2.4 D and i have the same problem with beeping and flashing light,i have replaced the oil sensor at the front of the block its brown with a yellow wire, i dont have a sensor on the oil filter and i cant find any low preasure sensor on the head mine kicks off over 2000rpm weather its hot or cold makes no difference, its head wrecking stuff mine has 247,000 miles on the clock and runs like a dream. If this is happening you should look at the high pressure sensor and associated wiring. Wheel arches from stone chips the oil warning system on these can be a little strange to diagnose! If you fail either of these tests you have sensor issues, wiring, alternator wiring, or instrument cluster issues. It has about 1.5 turns, which are the ends of V-shape. Without intact spring, the locking knob for light vibrations (eg. Now With LED Light Included. Base of the screen, the wheel arches, lower sills, the bottom of the sliding door inside and out and the metal around the fuel filler. Avoid heavily modified T4s – ones that have been ‘got at’. Knocks or clunks on rough road surfaces will usually indicate worn bottom or top ball joints, drop links or anti-roll bar bushes. The VW T4 is the fourth generation of the VW Transporter and was introduced in 1990 when it replaced the T25. Operation If this happens, you can manage to repair it, that one of the locking button to open the door clings, or that one to open the door first with the central locking and then unlocking the boot and the knob opens the door locked. VW t4 Caravelle syncro 102 PS (75 kW), rok. Was it worthy? It's an all-wheel drive front-engined large MPV with 4 doors & 7 seats. I would suggest getting checked out properly though as there is always a chance there is something serious going on but usually bad wiring or a faulty pressure switch can be to blame! Thanks muchly Angie. Either way, there’s plenty to commend the hard as nails T4 produced from 1990 to 2003 – so whether you want one as a weekend plaything, a daily driver or a cool toy to modify to your heart’s content, you won’t be disappointed. A flashing oil light and buzzer are both a function of the high-pressure sensor on the filter housing. I have documents that say a new golf 1.9 TdI steering pump has been fitting previously and fairly recently before I brought it. Modified vw, (or from other manufacturers), cars in order to be a "Syncro". VW T4 TRANSPORTER SYNCRO DECALS X3 Made from a syncro (4wd) 2.5tdi long wheel base, so more room than the normal vans but you'll know that. Rust on n/s inner sill by front part of sliding door panel (by fuel tank) je cherche une solution pour changer intégralement le châssis de mon multivan qui est très atteint par la rouille . 2.8 vr6 T4 97 plate need injector new or used $ 495.15; VW T25 T3 Vanagon ARB 2500mm x 2500mm Awning With CVC Fitting Kit. Hi everyone I got a t4 1.9 td vw van year 2001. Buy your Vw T4 Syncro used safely with Reezocar and find the best price thanks to our millions of ads. Westy tank level sensors are prone to failure and are expensive to replace. If I was you guys I would not go any were else. So if you want an original spring must complete the castle get at VW. the actuation of the door handle back down) ‘fall’, which leads to a locking of all doors over the central leads. My problem was a bit intermittent. The 68bhp 1.9TD is also a good bet – it’s not that quick but it’s tuneable and doesn’t command as high price as the 2.5. ... Am un vw multivan syncro,la rece porneste imediat,la cald ma rog de el sa porneasca. Electrical; Mechanical; Interior; Everything else; Contact Me; UK to Switzerland in a day for the Tour de France. Hmm usualy a cracked pick up in the tank is the most likly cause under those circumstancies! This is a page for t4 syncro owners around the world to add the details and modifications of their syncro's. 88bhp tdi has engine bay wiring loom issue. Post subject: tranny ? This post is also available in: Front panels are rusting Eyeball the hydraulic pipes/hoses and make sure there’s no judder from warped discs. The sliding mechanism for the side door should be smooth and even; if the top rail is worn, the door can drop out so lift the door up and down to check for any play. Your email address will not be published. If a van pulls up to one side, suspect a seized rear caliper. 2. 345k km and still going strong like ever. History. Camper conversions from the likes of Autosleeper will begin at £10,000, while really nice conversions from Reimo or Westfalia with a 2.5TDi under the bonnet could make as much as £12-£15k. You can use the pen but by a self bebastelte spring (eg from a ballpoint pen or the pen of a key ring) to replace it. Body checks While I don’t have a T3, I have a couple T4 Syncros and the SWB T4 compares to a T3 in size. i have a t4 year 2000 2.5 deisel starts ticks over but no throttle control, stop and re start all back to normal come to a juntion and it will loose throttle control re start back to normal can drine 150 miles no problem stop then re start no throttle control, also on tick over 850 rpm all good untill i put foot on brake peddle and revs go up to 1100 take foot of brake peddle revs come down to normal any ideas, Had problems with the wiring under the bonnet that has caused that issue. If pressure and wires are ok then replace the sensor. Prompted by the success of similar moves with their passenger cars, Volkswagen had toyed with the idea of replacing their air-cooled, rear-engined T2 vans with a front-engined, water-cooled design in the late 1970s. Things to look out for when buying a VW T4. Thank you, Amy, i need a used T4 petrol engine, short frame, four plugs, 2.0. i am from nigeria. It is part of the T4 generation Caravelle. Make sure everything works as it should because trying to diagnose electrical niggles can be time consuming and problems expensive to put right. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. quantum syncro /and 01A Disconnect the wire to the sensor and leave it float. Suspension/steering This is done via the instrument panel which uses the ‘w’ terminal on the alternator to measure engine RPM and two switches – one on the head – It is normally closed and opens at (I think) ~0.3 bar .. and one on the oil filter housing – this is normally open and closes at a fairly high pressure depending on engine type (1.4 bar for normally aspirated diesels and some TDs, and 1.9 bar for MK3 tdi (again – I think))…. Watch for faulty brake light switches and duff ignition switches. The following picture shows one of a pen of a key ring made of spring with a diameter of about 13 mm. Check there’s no cracks in the pedal box itself where the clutch master cylinder mounts as this is another T4 foible. 2. I need a diesel pump can you point me in the right direction for a reconditioned pump or cheap new pump. Because the T4 has a hydraulic clutch, check for fluid leaks around the pedal box. In order to address this perceived problem, the system basically monitors the low pressure sensor when the engine is below 2000 rpm and the high pressure sensor above 2000 RPM. Firstly do a visual inspection by having a good look in the engine bay. This fault is usually down to an alternator and or wiring issue (blue wire). Uneven tyre wear indicates tired suspension bushes or a van that’s had its geometry put out by a smash. C … It’s a westfalia high top camper and looks in great condition. VW T4 Transporter 4x4 Camper 3x Syncro Stickers De . 2. (From the Vanagon, (t3), to the Eurovan, (t4)). Dodgy synchros or cars that jump out of gear. When I’ve been talking to Charlie about different engines and what he’s seen over his 20-30 years of working on T4’s etc. If the van has been lowered, this in its self could put the steering geometry out and a 4 wheel alignment check should confirm this. Syncro four-wheel drive model offered with 2.4D, 2.5 petrol and 2.5TDi engines. This is simply diagnosed by depressing the brake pedal and if the noise quiets down you know a new brake vac pump is required. Entry level = £2,000-£3,000 (panel van), £5,000 is the starting price for a half decent 2.5TDi. Required fields are marked *, Products supplied may occasionally vary from pictures or brands shown on this website but will always be of equal quality and value. The engine warms up normally but the heater blower no longer gives hot air into the cabin. T4 rust-proofing was a lot more effective than on the T25 so serious corrosion shouldn’t be a major issue, and things improved further still after the 1996 facelift. Thanks Andy for your additional tips on where to check. If things go wrong it will be more expensive to fix. My reason for saying this is that my steering fluid has been leaking and after two new steering rack this is still the case. Region of the spring grease after installation. 3. Known sometimes as T4a and T4b respectively. Přestavba VW T4 Syncro a kompletní výbava interiéru i exteriéru . 1octav Publicat 21 Noiembrie, 2010. DIAGNOSING FAULTS WITH THE DOP SYSTEM The instrument cluster only monitors the oil filter housing sensor when the engine is over 1800 – 2000RPM and if this sensor is not switched by 1800-2000 RPM the oil buzzer will sound and the oil pressure light will also flash. Make sure the handbrake is effective; the cable can stick in its outer sleeve if a van’s been left standing for a while. The latter is lovely but thirsty, unless you get one that’s had an LPG conversion. Check the wiring into driver’s door which can chafe and fail, and that the central locking window regulators (if fitted) are all behaving themselves. Most desirable engine is the 2.5TDi – it’s pokey and will do 40mpg. 3. Models and amazing photoes!volkswagen golf vr5, volkswagen scirocco 1.8, volkswagen transporter 1.9 td, volkswagen iltis (183) [VW T4 Caravelle Syncro 2.4D … Sold it to a friend with 150k on it, as far as I’m aware it’s still going no dramas apart from a starter motor at 200k. VW T4, T5 & T6 ; T4 - Probleme T4 - Probleme. The rear handbrake cables can let water in over time and in really cold weather freeze up and make your hand brake feel like its stuck on!! Volkswagen T4 transporter Syncro 2.5 petrol instrument cluster 7D0920803. Instrument clusters have a voltage regulator that can play up and cause erratic temp/fuel readings, though later models seem to suffer less. ... T4 Dehler Maxivan GL Syncro € 13500,-16 inch single cab, one of 34 build € 13000,-T3 16 inch syncro € 21000,-16 inch doka 1600TD € 15000,- These guys are the experts and they know so much about these engines, if they don’t know the answer, they’ll know somebody that does and maybe able to help you with yours. VW Bus T4 Syncro Kaufberatung. Check there’s no cracks in the pedal box itself where the clutch master cylinder mounts as this is another T4 foible. de nelu_tm, 17 Octombrie, 2009 în VW T4, T5 & T6. Any particular advice on this engine, please? Although this could be initially be a worrying light to see flashing on your T4, don’t panic. Køb VW brugt og spar penge på C $191.63. Worn suspension bushes are another factor to consider. Nose, either long or short, the long nose appearing in 1996. VW T4 2.5 Syncro (15 Inch Wheels) 96on Black Diamond Drilled F Discs KBD933CD. Going to buy a t4 Motorhome 2.4D 25000 miles. The VW rationale behind the DOP system is that low oil pressure problems are typical of high-mileage VAG engines with worn bearings and oil that is hot (and thin). Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated. So what is DOP? A. The high pressure sensor on the oil filter flange is only monitored when the engine is running at or over 1800-2000 RPM. Car available without delay. Disconnect the wire to the high pressure sensor on the filter housing and let it float (un-connected). It should also sit flush when closed, but there is some adjustment to get it fitting properly. Electrics/Interior Link către postare Distribuie pe alte siteuri. from legs to outer edge of front panel. Suspension/steering If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear it could be down to several factors, or a mixture of a few! Ie could the pump be too powerful for the rack…. If it does and the oil light is still flashing then you have either a wiring fault or the engine speed signal from the alternator is missing. or Best Offer +C $29.04 shipping. Many thanks. Volkswagen T3 SYNCRO 1,6TD Hochdach 1.Hand TÜVneu TOP. Because of the complexity of the DOP system, it has led to lots of problems with the system itself rather than real oil pressure issues. With that in mind the 1.9TD is perhaps a better bet, and it can also be run on veg/bio fuel which could be a consideration. Or where I could send my pump to be reconditioned where they do a gd job and priced fairly many thanks haydn in wales. Basically, overhauling the T4 viscous coupling to VW standard is already possible. The other is a 1993 1.9 diesel engine with 138k and in need of a new leisure battery. thanks, I got a rebuilt t4 1.9 abl engine from qcs engines of Wetherby four years a go and it is sill going strong VW T3 AND T4 SYNCROS FOR SALE EUROPE Below you find a selection of interesting VW T3 AND T4 SYNCROS for sale in Europe. Tremec TR3650 Synchro Key and Spring Kit, Used on 1st-2nd / 3rd-4th / 5th-Reverse This listing is for one kit. Eventually, I am going to convert my 93 EVWK 5-spd to Syncro—unless it is a ridiculous amount of money (10K+). Hello My 2003 t4 2.5tdi Multivan (140,000miles)cuts out at half a tank of fuel , have looked all through the fuel lines and replaced the sender /pick up , filter etc , Driving me mad !any ideas ? 1996 saw a major facelift which included a ‘long nose’ version designed to accommodate the VR6 engine. The high pressure has a yellow wire, the low pressure has a blue and black wire. Check door seals are watertight, especially around the bottom of the tailgate. In fact this also shows the data of our long-term testdrives. Doors, either single or ‘barn door’ at the rear and single or double side sliding doors. Vw t4 syncro registry. It should be noted that VW abandoned DOP on later vehicles after about 2000/2001, and also on later (1999 onwards) 2.5TDi T4’s. Tools: Various pliers for manufacturing and installation of the spring Screwdriver Things to look out for when buying a VW T4 VW Transporter T4 Common Problems. The body of the sensor is typically white, grey, or black in colour and is connected to the wiring harness with a yellow wire. Im not sure whether its from the fact its always running on lpg or its common with lpg installed models. Introduced in 1990, the T4 was the first Volkswagen van to have a front-mounted, water-cooled engine. A flashing oil light at all engine speeds (and without buzzer above 2k RPM) is indicative of a missing engine speed signal (alternator ‘w’ terminal) – check to make sure that the instrument cluster is getting the correct engine speed signal from the w terminal of the alternator. Some see it as the last ‘classic’ VW transporter, and there’s no question about it – the T4’s scalpel sharp, boxy styling is trademark old school Volkswagen, albeit it with a slightly more modern twist. does buy Syncro vans for sale from around the UK and Europe so if you have a VW T25, T3 Syncro for sale please get in contact with us using the same [email protected] or call our office number 01273 495111 so we can help you. ?waiting for ur resonse,or you can call 08170146977,am Bright..Thanks in advance. Shifting, The Great. I had a simular problem with my t4 after it was parked up for a few months. B. Here’s our at-a-glance guide to buying one…, Body types If the van pulls to one side or another whilst driving this could be a sign of lack of maintenance. I have recently brought a T4 1.9 transporter with a converted engine to a 1.9 TdI golf engine. 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper w/ 14k On Engine - $40k In Reno, NV; 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia w/ 2.2L Subaru - $30k in Chico, CA; 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper w/ 120k Miles - $31k in Orange County, CA; 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia w/ New 2.1L GoWesty Engine - $40k in Glenwood Springs, CO To test the low pressure sensor (sensor for this is on the cylinder head): 1. July 18, 2016 phoenixsp1 Leave a comment. From Latvia. Pre-Owned. Full service history, am I wasting my time because of the engine? Manual Diesel 1992 67,000 KM.

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